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Your Angels Speak - Tidbits From Above - 1/27/09

I would like to introduce Debby Taylor. Debby is a talented Psychic Channel who uses her psychic channeling abilities to communicate with guardian angels, spirit guides, and deceased friends. I purchased her ebook "Born 2 Hear Heavens Helpers " and found it to be an excellent learning tool to assist anyone who is interested in learning to communicate with our Heavenly Helpers.

I will be providing her "Tidbits From Above" in my blog as she makes them available. You can click on the above title link to go to her site or look under My Favorite Links on the left.

January 27, 2009

"Beloved friends in Spirit:

There are many individuals in each of your lives who contribute to your understanding of surrender of your will to the Divine. As you relinquish the need to control events, moving into all circumstances with an understanding that the Creator's forces flow through all events and all beings, you will discover a new level of trusting of your initiation into the highest of all purposes - good will. To remove yourselves from the need to design everything to suit your own advantage (or even the advantage of loved ones) gives you the opportunity to be drawn into a flow of events that is coursing down the river of Earthly living toward Divine goals and purposes.

We do not wish to imply that you cannot have desires. There is a place for desires. They magnetize you to the places, people and circumstances that are correctly aligned with Creator's Will for your future. Just learn to desire, act, then accept the way things fall into place. Move on to another desire, action and acceptance. Do not despair if all is not developing as you intend or envision. God had a greater vision and knows where you can best serve and be most fulfilled in the long run.

Learn how to love as many as you can as you travel from one drama to another. You are storing up treasures within the Higher Realms as you let go of perceptions about others. Look for whatever spark or gleam of good you can find, even in the meanest of spirits. This will also help facilitate your being removed from abrasive and abusive situations in the long run. Remember that you become part of whatever you fight or resist."

Remember...Who You Are...


We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. We existed before we descended into our earthly bodies and we will exist when we ascend again.

Everyone is here on earth for a reason...being a teacher and student. We are students to learn lessons whether they be lessons we haven't been successful within our past existences or current lessons we agreed to learn this time around. We are also teachers to assist others with their lessons that we have succeeded in learning. The teacher will always be a student and the student will always be a teacher. Doesn't make sense? Consider this. Have you ever heard of anyone that knows everything possible about everything? Nope...never will.

I know many exceptionally intelligent people, but they have no idea where the dipstick is in their car to check the oil. We all teach and we all learn.

Many people equate higher education to higher intelligence. Intelligence is a natural occurrence. I know many highly educated individuals that only know theory. They do not have practical experience or know how to get beyond the theory. I know many highly educated individuals that couldn't find their way out of a paper bag, yet I know many intelligent people who do not have the higher education but could redesign the paper bag with an escape hatch.

Those that present themselves as knowing everything, as being superior, are the ones that still have the most to learn. They refuse to associate or even listen to someone "below" them out of fear that the "lesser" of the two would be able to actually teach them something. They do not want to believe that someone "lesser" than them could actually know something that they do not know.

Take the time to actually listen to those you feel are "lesser" than you. They are the ones who do not dress as well, do not have an impressive career. They do not live in a beautiful home and drive beautiful cars. They are the ones who know how to to survive and they can teach you more than you could ever know.

Listen and learn...when you remember who you will look beyond the appearances and possessions of individuals and will see all as the individuals they truly are. You will begin to know their spirit. We forgot this when we came into our earthly existence. However, we do have the ability to remember IF we really want to.

Look inside your heart and find your spirit...become one again...and you will remember.

With Love & Blessings...

Guiding Angel


What I See When I See You

What I See When I See You

When I see you walking down the street with a sadness in your eyes,
I see a loneliness and a million little sighs.

I see a spirit longing to be anywhere but here,
Deeply wondering why your journey isn't clear.

When you search outside of yourself for a path that is a haze,
You will find that your minutes and hours turn into very long days.

What I see when I see you is a loving beautiful soul,
A soul whose heart thoughts are silent, but whose mind thoughts have taken their toll.

I want to bring you into your heart so you can see the real you,
The soul, the spirit, that you once truly knew.

I don't see a skin color or hair color or eyes;
I don't see a gender or any other guise.

I see with my heart and every fibre of my being;
If you could see what I see it would be very freeing.

No more illusions of feeling inferior when all have the same colorful brilliance;
You would see spirit in its true light and its quiet magnificence.

What I see when I see you...
Is an amazing being...a loving and wonderful you...
Take a journey into your heart and you will see what I see, too...

Guiding Angel